$1,717.50 Donated to Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church on behalf of the Erickson Family

The Ericksons Give the Gift of Educational Space

For Amelia and Nathan Erickson, working with Give Realty was not only an opportunity to give $1717.50 to their home church, Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church, but Laurie Loew’s expertise also led them down the path to their perfect home.

“Laurie was always open and available and guided us to the best deal. Her insight saved us thousands of dollars,” said the Ericksons.

The couple also entered into their house search “thinking HGTV and hoping for an affordable and easy to renovate house.” Laurie’s guidance prevented the Ericksons from getting in over their heads with a fixer-upper that was more than they bargained for.

“We learned the difference between TV and reality in terms of real estate,” said the Ericksons. “Laurie helped us find the perfect size home, in an area not far from our places of employment, and at a price within our range.”

For Our Lady’s Maronite, a local Catholic Church based on Eastern versus Latin teachings, the timing of Give Realty’s donation was perfect. “We were just tickled,” said Monsigner Don Sawyer, “We’re in the middle of our capital campaign. It’s great the Ericksons gave at this time as it really enhanced the excitement of the campaign.”

Though it sounds like things are already pretty exciting at Our Lady’s Maronite – the active church is keeping busy with ongoing meetings of special groups for kids and adults and a fun dinner and dance coming up in November. Read on to see how you can support their efforts.

Three Ways to Help Our Lady’s Maronite Catholic Church

1.  Donate. Classrooms and space for children are in the first phase of construction and community support is needed to build upon the existing momentum.

2.  Host a group. There are four groups that meet including: a home school group for kindergarten through seventh grade kids that meets three days a week and needs assistance with budgeting and volunteer teachers, a group from India, a Byzantine group and a prayer breakfast hosted on the third Sunday of every month.

3.  Attend the December Christmas Bazaar. The event will take place on Saturday, December 3rd, from 9am to 8pm at the Parish Hall.
















How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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