$2,062.50 donated to Austin Community Foundation on behalf of the Mraz / Maxon Family

The Mraz-Maxons Give the Gift of Access to Education

When Sarka Mraz and Paul Maxon prepared to relocate from Washington D.C. to Austin, they were concerned about the uncertainties of a making a cross-country move. However, working with Give Realty was “just fabulous,” said the Mraz-Maxons. “Buying a house and moving across the country has its challenges, but Laurie Loew, our realtor, was incredibly flexible and made the search much easier than we thought it would be.”

Laurie’s expertise also proved to be beneficial in the philanthropic aspect of the move as well. Her knowledge about local non-profits led the Mraz-Maxons, who have worked in education, to Austin Community Foundation (ACF) where they contributed $2062.50 to a donor-advised scholarship fund through the organization.

The fund will provide a college scholarship for an Austin high school student, and the Mraz-Maxon family will serve on the student selection panel. When their daughter gets older, she will join the panel, where the Mraz-Maxons say, “Our plan is for her to learn the importance of both education and philanthropy.”

ACF Executive Director MariBen Ramsey was thrilled to receive this donation from people so passionate about education and says, like Give Realty, ACF knows the importance of connecting citizens with causes that are important to them. “We inquire about the clients’ interests and lead them to organizations they would like to get to know,” said Ramsey.

With more than 900 diverse charitable funds under its management, ACF possesses the knowledge to connect people to community efforts relevant to them. ACF works to nurture returns on the contributions made, increasing the sustainability of the community impact. Read on for just a few examples of ACF funds and how you can contribute.

Three Ways to Help Austin Community Fund

1.  Support the Central Texas Wildfire Fund. Financial contributions are needed for 500 children without a home in Bastrop County to provide basics and trauma counseling.

2.  Support AISD and schools in response to cutbacks. The quality of our future depends on what we do now.

3.  Support the Women’s Fund. These funds are directed to grants aiding women and children in a variety of ways, for example, insuring women have training for jobs that pay a living wage.


How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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