$2,065.00 Donated to Food for the Hungry/Orphan Care Ethiopia and $1000.00 on behalf of the Kouri Family

Years ago Matt Kouri promised friend Laurie Loew if he ever moved, he would enlist her services. When the time came for Matt and wife Julie to move, they knew they were in good hands with Give Realty, but they didn’t realize just how rewarding the experience would be.

“Laurie helped us find a home so wonderful that we still have to pinch ourselves every now and then,” say the Kouris. “And the idea of being able to support our charitable work with our home purchase, thanks to Laurie’s generosity, was a no-brainer.”

The Kouris’ move resulted in contributions to two groups very dear to the family’s heart. One donation went to Food for the Hungry, an organization in which the Kouris are volunteer leaders, and one to Greenlights, the local nonprofit where Matt is employed.

Food for the Hungry is a global organization working in the areas of community development, health and hygiene, food security, education, spiritual development, economic development, and HIV/AIDS care, to name a few. The Kouris $2,065 donation will be put to use feeding, clothing, providing shelter and educating five orphans in Zeway, Ethiopia for a full year.

Greenlights is a Central Texas organization that works to strengthen the impact of nonprofits by providing resources, training and guidance, like professional development courses and research on area needs and trends. The $1,000 gift not only galvanized the crowd at a fundraising dinner, inspiring more to give more, it will also support Greenlights’ Research and Innovation Fund.

With these donations the Kouris give the gift of sustenance – physical food and care to impoverished children in Ethiopia, and the nourishment of knowledge and tools for growth to local nonprofits of all sorts.

Three Ways to Help Greenlights

1.  Make a gift. By investing in Greenlights, you strengthen the entire Central Texas community by helping to develop exceptional nonprofits. Find out more at http://greenlights.org/about/get-involved.

2.  Get involved in the nonprofit community. Austinites can impact our nonprofit sector in many ways. Sign up for our Board Essentials Course and learn what you need to know about joining a nonprofit board, then attend the Board Summit on June 7th and meet about 50 nonprofits looking for new board members like you. If you aren’t ready to join a board but want to get more involved, you can join Greenlights’ 501 Council and learn about nonprofit challenges through a competitive grant making process.

3.  Stay informed about nonprofit issues. Visit the website to read Greenlights’ research and blog, and while you’re there, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter, Greenlights2Go. You can also follow Greenlights on Facebook and Twitter.

Three Ways to Help Food for the Hungry

1.  Join the Grace Covenant Church team.  This group in Austin is raising resources for the child-headed household program in Zeway, Ethiopia.  Visit http://grace360.org/ to learn more.
2.  Subscribe and educate yourself. Stay tuned to www.povertyunlocked.com to become more educated about the issues of poverty.
3.  Donate to what moves you. With Food for the Hungry’s vast range of services, you are sure to find a cause you are passionate.  At www.fh.org you can learn more about their individual programs and how to contribute.

How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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