$22,500.00 donated to Manto Coahuila Children’s Home on behalf of the Mulacek Family

[L-R] Pierre Mulacek, Laurie Loew, Tom Kite and Jon Luce of KLK Construction.

Five minutes across the Texas-Mexico border from Del Rio is the town of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. A group of devoted Texan volunteers are doing amazing work in Acuña at the Manto Coahuila Children’s Home, a shelter that houses up to 15 orphaned and abandoned children at a time, including infants.

It was this moving mission along with their drive to take action that reflects the key value of empowering those less fortunate that motivated Pierre Mulacek and family to partner with Give Realty in their move to Austin, a choice that resulted in a $22,500.00 donation to Manto Coahuila! “To help those who cannot help themselves is a key principal we ourselves are teaching our children.”

This substantial donation will go a long way at Manto Coahuila. It will help extend the kitchen and dining area for the children, as well as build bathrooms and closets in the girls’ dorm room. Small cottages for the workers who selflessly come to help build or work at the orphanage will also be remodeled with the funds.

“Our desire is to maintain a home where these children can feel safe, be loved by a family, be taught the Word of God, receive an education and develop a plan for their future as they grow,” said Henry and Josie Zaragoza.

This unique home also stresses the importance of creating fun in the children’s lives. The result of these efforts can be seen immediately in the smiling and joyous faces of Manto Coahuila children. The Mulacek family is “grateful for the opportunity to help bring a little more joy and comfort into these special children’s lives.”

Three Ways to Help the Manto Coahuila Children’s Home

1.  Become a Financial Partner.  Manto Coahuila is always looking for ways to expand and is always looking for new partners to grow with!  Donations can be made online at to help reach more children in need.

2.  Help check off the Needs and Projects Lists.  The home keeps a running list of needed items such as furniture, toys and consumables like paper towels on their website.  Also available is a list of pending projects, which range from sink installation to playhouse building to helping landscape the grounds for privacy. These are great opportunities for ministry teams looking for work projects.

3.  Stay connected.  Sign up for the Manto Coahuila Newsletter to keep informed and in touch as the home grows!


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