$2,550.00 Donated to Any Baby Can Candlelighters program on Behalf of the Flores Family

The Flores Family Brings Help and Hope to Children Imapcted by Cancer

Josh and Amanda Flores are dedicated to teaching their own children the importance of charity and cherishing the ability to give. When looking for a new home in the Austin area, the Flores hired Give Realty and combined a unique philanthropic opportunity to give to Any Baby Can through the purchase of their new home.

The Flores recently purchased a home in Shady Hollow. The Flores described the experience as “something that not only makes an impact in the initial donation, but also in the memory and influence it has on our lives moving forward.” Many children throughout Austin feel the impact of the Flores’ donation to Any Baby Can.

Any Baby Can is a nonprofit organization that offers supportive services to more than 8,000 of the youngest, sickest, and poorest children in our community and their families. A special program called the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Program provides services and support so that no family goes through their journey with childhood cancer alone. This was an important service to support for the Flores. “We have children of our own and in life, have experienced how terrible cancer can be for kids,” says Mrs. Flores.

The donation from the Flores will support a number of services offered by Any Baby Can and more specifically focused on the Candelighters’ Program. According to development director Nancy Morgan, “Any Baby Can supports struggling mothers to a child battling cancer, and this donation by Give Realty on behalf of the Flores, will touch the lives of our neighbors who need it most.”

Three Ways to Help Any Baby Can

  • Donate. Donations are Any Baby Can’s main source of support to continue services and programs that the organization offers. To donate, visit anybabycan.org/donate
  • Become an Ambassador. The ambassador program at Any Baby Can is a new program that allows individuals to get involved with the organization and work on its behalf to further the mission. For more information on this program, visit anybabycan.org/ambassador
  • Volunteer. Volunteers are always needed to help support and run the services and programs that Any Baby Can offers. For more information, visit anybabycan.org/how-you-can-help/volunteer

How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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