$1,430.75 Donated to the Austin Women Rising Project and $1,430.00 Donated to SAHELI on behalf of Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson Gives the Gift of Support to Women

Julie Johnson strongly believes in the importance and power of improving the lives of women. “If you help a mother, you help their children.” This belief is the reason she chose to have her Give Realty facilitated donation to the Women Rising Project (WRP) and SAHELI.

Helping women is exactly what Julie’s move did, as it led to a contribution of $1430 to WRP, a collaborative project at AIDS Services of Austin providing services and programs to women with HIV and AIDS in a nurturing, peer-driven atmosphere. The education, connection and advocacy provided create healthier and happier lives for the women served by the organization. Julie’s gift will host a one-day retreat this fall for 25 to 35 HIV+ women.

Sylvia Lopez, co-founder of WRP, met Julie years ago when she generously volunteered her services as a massage therapist to treat the staff at AIDS Services of Austin. Sylvia would not have guessed that years later Julie would again be making a generous contribution in such a unique way.

“I was elated and deeply touched,” said Sylvia, “to once again see a woman from the community supporting women.”

Julie’s contributions to area women didn’t stop there. She also donated $1430 to SAHELI, an organization offering assistance to Asian and other immigrant families struggling with domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. The unique non-profit integrates specific cultural and language needs into the services it provides and models itself after the six words represented in its name: Support, Advocate, Heal, Empower, Listen and Inform. The donation made on Julie’s behalf will result in emergency housing for several more families and a large contribution to their survivor assistance fund.

Julie believes the Give Realty business model is a lesson to be learned. “If Give Realty’s model was replicated, it would change the landscape of how well off the community is. Imagine the support the community would receive if all the realtors in Austin had the same model.”

 Three Ways to Help AIDS Services of Austin

 1. Volunteer. The Food Bank is in special need of volunteers. Contact the volunteer services coordinator Sandy Bartlett at 512-406-6163 or sandy.bartlett@asaustin.org for details.

2. Participate in Special Events. Retreats and AIDS Walk Austin require participants and volunteers to execute events.

3.  Provide office assistance. Help is needed for administrative duties, sending out mailings and providing back-up for front desk reception.

Three Ways to Help SAHELI

 1.  Respect your loved ones. SAHELI believes recognizing that love and respect take energy is one of the most important things we all can do.

2.  Volunteer. SAHELI is in need of interpreters, fundraisers, clerical support, graphic designers and board members who are committed and passionate about the cause of trafficking and domestic violence.

3.  Donate.  Clothing, toiletries and culturally specific food are needed.

How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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