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$22,500.00 donated to Manto Coahuila Children’s Home on behalf of the Mulacek Family

[L-R] Pierre Mulacek, Laurie Loew, Tom Kite and Jon Luce of KLK Construction.

Five minutes across the Texas-Mexico border from Del Rio is the town of Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. A group of devoted Texan volunteers are doing amazing work in Acuña at the Manto Coahuila Children’s Home, a shelter that houses up to 15 orphaned and abandoned children at a time, including infants.

It was this moving mission along with their drive to take action that reflects the key value of empowering those less fortunate that motivated Pierre Mulacek and family to partner with Give Realty in their move to Austin, a choice that resulted in a $22,500.00 donation to Manto Coahuila! “To help those who cannot help themselves is a key principal we ourselves are teaching our children.”

This substantial donation will go a long way at Manto Coahuila. It will help extend the kitchen and dining area for the children, as well as build bathrooms and closets in the girls’ dorm room. Small cottages for the workers who selflessly come to help build or work at the orphanage will also be remodeled with the funds.

“Our desire is to maintain a home where these children can feel safe, be loved by a family, be taught the Word of God, receive an education and develop a plan for their future as they grow,” said Henry and Josie Zaragoza.

This unique home also stresses the importance of creating fun in the children’s lives. The result of these efforts can be seen immediately in the smiling and joyous faces of Manto Coahuila children. The Mulacek family is “grateful for the opportunity to help bring a little more joy and comfort into these special children’s lives.”

Three Ways to Help the Manto Coahuila Children’s Home

1.  Become a Financial Partner.  Manto Coahuila is always looking for ways to expand and is always looking for new partners to grow with!  Donations can be made online at to help reach more children in need.

2.  Help check off the Needs and Projects Lists.  The home keeps a running list of needed items such as furniture, toys and consumables like paper towels on their website.  Also available is a list of pending projects, which range from sink installation to playhouse building to helping landscape the grounds for privacy. These are great opportunities for ministry teams looking for work projects.

3.  Stay connected.  Sign up for the Manto Coahuila Newsletter to keep informed and in touch as the home grows!


$1,912.50 donated to SafePlace on behalf of the Taylor Family

When the company Burt Taylor works for, Arkanova Energy, moved from The Woodlands to Austin, the company partnered with Give Realty to find new corporate space. Arkanova believes in Give Realty’s mission and suggested Laurie Loew to all of its relocating employees.

Burt says he has had a lot of experience dealing with real estate and has been, “burned before.”  But working with Laurie was a refreshingly new experience for the Taylors.

“I know I wasn’t her only client,” says Taylor, “but Laurie made me feel like I was.”

“When you know your agent is looking out for your best interest, you have faith in the way the contract, negotiation and search will be executed. Laurie understands those needs and communicates effectively to eliminate your fear.”

The Taylors passed this sense of security on, as Burt and his wife Stephanie decided to give to SafePlace, an organization that aims to end sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.  The Taylors appreciate that SafePlace also assists males, a demographic sometimes overlooked in regard to abuse.

What started out as a suggestion from the boss turned into a great experience for both a family struggling with a big move and for a non-profit doing challenging and crucial work. Not only did SafePlace earn $1912.50, vital funds in a challenging economic environment, but the Taylors were able to give back to the community and to top it off, the turn-around time from when the Taylors started looking to the closing date was one month. As Burt Taylor summed it up, the experience was simply “awesome.”

Three Ways to Help SafePlace

1.  Volunteer.  SafePlace needs volunteers in highly confidential, direct positions to work with survivors and children. Volunteers for non-direct positions are needed, which may involve administrative duties, assisting at the charter school or daycare, or providing workshops for Life Skills classes. Volunteers are also needed to help to foster pets of families in the shelter.

2.  Make a contribution.  Visit to donate online and to view other opportunities to give. SafePlace is always in need of new and gently used items for its shelter, and is currently experiencing a critical shortage of baby wipes and diapers sizes 4-6.

3.  Tell everyone you know about SafePlace!  A good place to start would be by liking SafePlace on Facebook at and staying in touch.

$1,000.00 donated to REDArena and $987.50 donated to Emancipet on behalf of Chris and Amy Narlock

Chris and Amy Narlock have always been the type to volunteer and support non-profit organizations when they can.  So, it was an easy decision to select Laurie Loew of Give Realty – first, when they relocated from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Austin and again, two years later, when they moved to their new home in Allandale.

The Narlocks’ moves supported RED Arena (Riding Equines for the Disabled), a group that provides equine therapy for individuals with disabilities, with a $1000 donation and Emancipet, an organization that aims to make spay/neuter services and preventive veterinary care affordable, accessible and understandable to all pet owners, with a donation of $987.50.

Emancipet has become a critical Austin non-profit and serves almost 30,000 pets per year through their spay/neuter clinics and walk-in wellness clinics. They have partnered with Give Realty several times and, according to Executive Director Amy Mills, the partnership has strengthened the organization in more ways than financially.

“Give Realty’s model of business truly gives back to the community, and it connects our organization with new friends and donors,” explained Mills.

The partnership also proved to be an outlet for the Narlocks to connect more deeply with their new Austin community.

“We learned so much about the local non-profit community. Laurie is extremely connected to Austin non-profits and we learned about organizations we never knew existed,” said the Narlocks.

Amy Narlock did, however, previously know about RED Arena, as she volunteers weekly for the organization. Jennifer Young, RED Arena Executive Director was shocked and thrilled by the Narlocks’ donation, saying that Amy is, “already giving her time to drive out to Dripping Springs and walk around all afternoon in the heat and dust. She is a very kind and generous person, and we are grateful for her support.”

Part of the Narlocks’ donation will go toward the creation of a wheelchair accessible restroom, which Young says is “both desperately needed and a big challenge for the organization.” This donation, along with the support of volunteer plumbers, electricians and carpenters will help make this a reality, which is thrilling to the Narlocks.

“Give Realty allowed us to give back in a way that we would not have been able to do on our own,” said the Narlocks.

This is simply another day-in-the-life for a couple that lives their life by the motto, “good begets good.”  With all the good created for Austin-area people and animals through their donations, karma is sure to return the joy back into the Narlocks’ lives.

Three Ways to Help Emancipet

1.  Tour the Clinic.  The best way to understand the mission and impact of this amazing organization is to see the clinic in action. We offer private tours of the East Austin Clinic by appointment. To schedule a clinic tour, contact

2.  Make a Donation.  Emancipet relies on financial support from friends to continue the work, and every dollar makes a difference. The best way to ensure ongoing support for the lifesaving work is to make an easy, secure online donation, click here:

3.  Stay in Touch. Emancipet communicates with their community of supporters through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of Emancipet’s news and links to social networking sites may be found on

Three Ways to Help RED Arena

1.  Support the organization financially.  The group depends on donations to support scholarships and ensure that more kids can be helped through this unique type of therapy.

2.  Volunteer Weekly.  RED Arena needs regular weekly volunteers to help with therapy sessions or in the barn grooming and taking horses.

3.  Volunteer for special projects.  These fun events can range from mulching the trails to sponsoring a booth at the RED Arena Rodeo.  Wherever your talents lie, there’s a place for you to help others at RED Arena!  For more information on volunteering, visit or email


$236.25 to Church of Glad Tidings on behalf of the Martinez Family

Give Realty facilitated their third donation to GTAustin in behalf of Pete and Reyes Martinez.

GTAustin is a church in North Austin that has developed a special “Community Reach Out” project that includes spiritual, cultural, educational, and recreational activities.

The aim of the program is to provide assistance, change, and transformation to the families in different communities within the Austin area. An important component of the initiative includes tutoring services to students within the community schools during the school year and summer session.

The Martinezes have a special connection to the church as their family has been part of the congregation since 1980. Furthermore, Pete is a Pastor-on-Staff overseeing the Hispanic ministry, as well as leading a community initiative in the Georgian area. The Martinez’s reason for continuing to work with Laurie Loew is not only for another opportunity to donate to their church, but also because of Loew’s expertise and professionalism.

“It’s important that the client ends up with the right realtor,” said Reyes Martinez. “A lot of people sell homes. Laurie has done an outstanding job in providing us superb client services. We found out about the contribution aspect at the end of the process. Laurie never used this as a marketing point to secure us as clients. We were delighted to learn of the added bonus!”

The Martinez’s most recent donation will go to support GTAustin’s tutoring program that offers services to students within the Georgian community during the school and summer sessions. The program relies on church and community volunteers to help deliver the tutoring to the students.

Three Ways to Help support the  GTAustin Community Initiatives

1.  Donate.  GTAustin has an online donation page on for quick and easy online giving!

2.  Volunteer as a tutor.  The church needs volunteers to help give these students the support they need. Contact Pete Martinez at 512-922-9118.

3.  Donate school supplies.  GTAustin provides backpacks and supplies to children in need.

$986.25 donated to Ann Richards School on behalf of Sam Woollard

Sam Woollard never would have expected that her purchase of a home would help 20 young woman leaders embark on a life-altering trip to Costa Rica, but that’s exactly what happened when she partnered with Give Realty for her recent move to Shady Hollow.

Woollard has been a supporter of the Ann Richards School for Young Woman Leaders (ARS) since it opened in 2007. The public college preparatory school for girls in grades 6-12 was founded to empower young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with the skills and confidence necessary to pursue a college education and go on to pursue influential roles in their careers.

This summer, ARS took the girls on a Spanish Immersion trip to complete service work and to prepare them for a Spanish placement exam that could potentially position them to test out of college courses.

“Travel has been an essential part of my life and I want to provide an opportunity for others to also have the experience,” says Woollard.

“Sam is amazing,” praises ARS Executive Director Michelle Krejci. “She has a vast network in the Austin nonprofit community and a big heart. The education of lower-income girls is her focus and she is aware of the impact international travel will have on their perspectives on life.”

Woollard strongly believes the trip “will offer some young woman leaders an opportunity to experience travel, a new culture and learn a new language. This experience will set the tone for a lifetime of positive milestones.”

You can visit to follow Sam’s lead and help support future transformative trips.

Three Ways to Help the Ann Richards School for Young Woman Leaders

1.  Become a volunteer.  Visit to learn how to help.  Mentors are needed to extend support and guidance to a student in a one-on-one relationship.

2.  Make a donation. By donating to ARS programming, you can help the organization reach their goal of sending 100% of their students to college.

3.  Speak at Career Day. ARS offers a unique focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education (where women are traditionally underrepresented) and needs speakers from these fields to discuss and introduce their careers with students.

How it Works

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