$1,570.00 Donated to Open Door Preschool on Behalf of Ashley and Scott Phillips










$1,570.00 Donated to Open Door Preschools on Behalf of Ashley and Scott Phillips.

Open Door Preschools was created so that children with special needs and typically developing children could learn, grow, and thrive together. Starting in 1975 with 9 children, it has grown significantly. Learn more.

$2,000 Donated to Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation on Behalf of the Brindley Family

MBrindley Donation Photos 008Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, the only dedicated freestanding pediatric facility in the region. It gives Central Texas families access to a wide range of healthcare services. Children are cared for with a family-centered approach that keeps patients close to loved ones at all times. And our dedicated multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists and nurses are all committed to a single purpose: making your child feel like a kid again.

Missed Opportunity for Giving: April 2013

As we promised last month, we are once again going to share the missed opportunity for giving – the amount that could have been donated to the community if every Realtor® in the Austin area donated 25% of their commission the way that Give Realty’s agents do.

April2013MLSGiven the total sales volume of $812,424,317 in the Austin MLS in April, the missed opportunity for giving last month was $12,186,364.75.

In case you can’t imagine what $12.1 million could have done for our community, here are a few examples. $12.1 million represents 25% of all expenses for Capital Area Food Bank for the fiscal year ending in 2011.  It represents 38% of all expenses for The Livestrong Foundation for the fiscal year ending in 2011. It also represents 127% of the total expenses for Life Works for that same fiscal year. Finally, 12.1 million is 49 times the $244,553.05 that Give Realty has donated since our beginning.

Talk about a missed opportunity…

Look for the “missed opportunity” every month on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

*Financial information based on numbers released in Austin Business Journal’s 2013 Giving Guide.

$694.00 Donated to Animal Trustees of Austin on Behalf of Mary Hill

Hill Donations to Animal Trustees of Austin 2.1

Animal Trustees of Austin serves the animals of our community by providing affordable, humane treatment, with compassion and respect for all.

In an effort to end the crisis of animal overpopulation, their Spay/Neuter Clinic has safely performed over 85,000 surgeries since March 1997, and their Wellness Clinic, begun in June of 2002, has provided services to over 131,000 animals.

This donation of $694 will cover 69 rabies vaccinations or 23 cat neuters or 12 dog spays or 2 lifesaving heartworm treatments.

Learn more about Animal Trustees of Austin.

What If Every Realtor Did What Give Does?

As you know, the Give Realty business model is different than your average real estate brokerage. 25% of our commission from every transaction is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of our buyer’s or seller’s choice, in their name. We do this because we believe in giving back to the community. Through these donations, we have donated a total of $232,698.55 and have much more in the pipeline.

SafePlace Donation Combined PhotoWhat you may not know is that for me, these donations are just a part of the plan. My hope is that these donations are just steps along a path of giving for my clients. For some, this donation represents the first time they were able to make a donation to a nonprofit organization. For them, I hope that this initial donation leads to additional donations, to advocacy, to gifts of their time and talent. For others, this donation is just another step in a path that has already begun. For them, I hope that this donation helps them continue on that path.

You see, what I really want is for these donations to trigger a change in our community, greater than the donations themselves.

Wells Love-A-BullI want these donations to shake up real estate in our great city, in our nation, and across the world. I want my clients to encourage others to demand this same kind of accountability for giving back from their Realtors®. I want ALL Realtors® to make similar donations. I would love for my unique business model to become ordinary. This is because I know the difference that putting this kind of money back into our community could make.

To that end, I am starting what I am calling the “If every Realtor did what Give does” social media feature. Every month when the figures for Austin’s sales volumes from the previous month are released, I am going to share with you the missed opportunity, the amount of money that could have been donated if every Realtor® in our community donated 25% of their commission.

March2013MLSFor instance, the total volume of sales in the Austin MLS during the month of March 2013 was $637,173,872. After factoring in 6% commission earned on each transaction (3% for the seller’s agent and 3% for the buyer’s agent) and the 25% of this commission that could have been donated, I can share that the missed opportunity for giving was $9,557,608.08

Can you imagine what that $9.5 million could have done for our community? I can.

~ Laurie

Look for the “missed opportunity” every month on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.