Wreaths, Not Just for Christmas

A few years ago, if we said we were going to write about wreaths, the image that would have come to mind is pretty easy to guess. Something evergreen, with red berries, pine cones and maybe a bow, right? But not anymore.

WreathCollageNow there are spring, summer, and fall wreaths. 4th of July wreaths. Valentine’s Day wreaths. Wreaths supporting your favorite sports team. Monogram wreaths for everyday use. You name it, someone has made a wreath for it.

Wreaths have become a HUGE trend in home décor and we love it. Here’s why:

  • A well done wreath adds instant curb appeal.
  • Wreaths are an easy way to dress up your house for any occasion, just put a hook on your front door and you’re done.
  • Wreaths don’t damage your home in any way (think Christmas lights and nail guns).
  • Wreaths can be store bought or homemade.
  • Wreaths can be very inexpensive.

The best part is, that ALL of these reasons that we love wreaths also make them great for staging your home.

For a little wreath inspiration, visit our Pinterest account.