Five Years Ago Today

MobileLoaves&FishesFive years ago today, Give Realty made its very first donation of $1050 to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, on behalf of Gregg and Nancy Vossler.

There was no check presentation, nor any photos taken, but the experience will be forever etched in my memory. The trajectory of my life changed that day. I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled and I have learned a lot about myself in the process.

Here’s a short list:
1. Possessions are just stuff, most of which has to be dusted, cleaned and maintained
2. I can’t wear more than one pair of shoes or earrings, or carry more than one purse at a time
3. Money doesn’t buy you happiness (but it does help you buy a nice car to drive around while you are looking for it!)
4. Relationships are what is important – in life, in love, and in business
5. Success, happiness, and age are only defined in your own head. Don’t let other people’s definition mess with yours.

I spent a lot of time in my teens and twenties imagining what my life would be like when I go to the age I am now (49, if you are wondering). What I imagined is nothing like my life turned out to be, but I’ll never look over my shoulder and wish I took a different path. Best of all, I’m really looking forward to where my path(s) will continue to take me. ~ Laurie