Top 10 things I learned at SXSW last week

I experienced SXSW for the first time this past week! Here’s my top 10 countdown to the top things I learned at SXSW:

10.  Paisley capri pants on men is not a good look.  Ditto for white overalls.  I don’t care how European you are.

9.  SXSW in Austin Robert Rodriquez on the Doritos Stage AntonesIt was insane that there was an Eric Clapton concert on Sunday (not related to SXSW, but an amazing way to round the week out).

8.  The most obscure artists can be the best musicians you have ever seen.

7. Musicians and real estate agents have a lot in common.  Both careers are much less glamorous than the media and public makes them out to be and most barely make a living at it.

6. Sometimes you need to just let go and dance like a white chick.

5. Call me old school but what do prerecorded tracks and a gizmo on a microphone that manipulates vocals have to do with “live music”?

4. The electrical outlet was one hot commodity.

3.  If you have musical Attention Deficit Disorder, SXSW is the event for you! 30-45 minute sets, 5-7 songs….my kind of listening.

2.  I now understand why Austin is known as the music capital of the world.

1.  Austin REALLY knows how to throw a party!

-Laurie Loew