$1,000.00 donated to REDArena and $987.50 donated to Emancipet on behalf of Chris and Amy Narlock

Chris and Amy Narlock have always been the type to volunteer and support non-profit organizations when they can.  So, it was an easy decision to select Laurie Loew of Give Realty – first, when they relocated from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Austin and again, two years later, when they moved to their new home in Allandale.

The Narlocks’ moves supported RED Arena (Riding Equines for the Disabled), a group that provides equine therapy for individuals with disabilities, with a $1000 donation and Emancipet, an organization that aims to make spay/neuter services and preventive veterinary care affordable, accessible and understandable to all pet owners, with a donation of $987.50.

Emancipet has become a critical Austin non-profit and serves almost 30,000 pets per year through their spay/neuter clinics and walk-in wellness clinics. They have partnered with Give Realty several times and, according to Executive Director Amy Mills, the partnership has strengthened the organization in more ways than financially.

“Give Realty’s model of business truly gives back to the community, and it connects our organization with new friends and donors,” explained Mills.

The partnership also proved to be an outlet for the Narlocks to connect more deeply with their new Austin community.

“We learned so much about the local non-profit community. Laurie is extremely connected to Austin non-profits and we learned about organizations we never knew existed,” said the Narlocks.

Amy Narlock did, however, previously know about RED Arena, as she volunteers weekly for the organization. Jennifer Young, RED Arena Executive Director was shocked and thrilled by the Narlocks’ donation, saying that Amy is, “already giving her time to drive out to Dripping Springs and walk around all afternoon in the heat and dust. She is a very kind and generous person, and we are grateful for her support.”

Part of the Narlocks’ donation will go toward the creation of a wheelchair accessible restroom, which Young says is “both desperately needed and a big challenge for the organization.” This donation, along with the support of volunteer plumbers, electricians and carpenters will help make this a reality, which is thrilling to the Narlocks.

“Give Realty allowed us to give back in a way that we would not have been able to do on our own,” said the Narlocks.

This is simply another day-in-the-life for a couple that lives their life by the motto, “good begets good.”  With all the good created for Austin-area people and animals through their donations, karma is sure to return the joy back into the Narlocks’ lives.

Three Ways to Help Emancipet

1.  Tour the Clinic.  The best way to understand the mission and impact of this amazing organization is to see the clinic in action. We offer private tours of the East Austin Clinic by appointment. To schedule a clinic tour, contact jill.lally@emancipet.org

2.  Make a Donation.  Emancipet relies on financial support from friends to continue the work, and every dollar makes a difference. The best way to ensure ongoing support for the lifesaving work is to make an easy, secure online donation, click here:  http://epet.convio.net/donate

3.  Stay in Touch. Emancipet communicates with their community of supporters through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. All of Emancipet’s news and links to social networking sites may be found on Emancipet.org.

Three Ways to Help RED Arena

1.  Support the organization financially.  The group depends on donations to support scholarships and ensure that more kids can be helped through this unique type of therapy.

2.  Volunteer Weekly.  RED Arena needs regular weekly volunteers to help with therapy sessions or in the barn grooming and taking horses.

3.  Volunteer for special projects.  These fun events can range from mulching the trails to sponsoring a booth at the RED Arena Rodeo.  Wherever your talents lie, there’s a place for you to help others at RED Arena!  For more information on volunteering, visit redarena.org or email info@redarena.org.


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