$1,320.00 Donated to Breakthrough Austin on behalf of Laraine Altun

Laraine Altun Gives the Gift of College Education

Laraine Altun has long known the importance of education. She was lucky enough to have a support system that enabled her to access higher education, and has seen the immeasurable benefit of it.

“I know how vital support is for students,” says Altun, “and the education available because of that support can be so key for creating a satisfying, productive life.”

This strong belief in the value of education led Laraine to give $1,320 to Breakthrough Austin through her move with Give Realty. Breakthrough is an organization aiming to create first-generation college graduates through a sustained approach starting in middle school.

“Breakthrough provides individualized and comprehensive support, academic preparation, and the information and advocacy families need to negotiate the complex steps needed for students to be college-ready, gain college admission, and secure financial aid,” says Executive Director Barry Aidman. “We believe there are no quick-fixes.”

The long-term support model provided by the nonprofit has thus far been extremely successful. Since its founding in 2001, Breakthrough has seen its students achieve results that are nothing short of amazing. Breakthrough students’ college enrollment rate of 74% nearly doubles that of their Central Texas low-income peers, 39%.

Through her experience of helping provide learning opportunities by partnering with Give Realty and Laurie Loew, Laraine says she actually learned some things herself.

“I learned that there are people who work for love rather than money. I learned that there are people you can trust and feel good about working with if you look for them. I learned that giving can be a way of life, as it is for Laurie, and not just something we do in our spare time.”

We can all learn a little more below about how to help Breakthrough Austin and its students continue to shatter the statistics and reach their highest potential.

Three Ways to Help Breakthrough

1.  Volunteer with Breakthrough. Mentor students as they craft college essays and prepare scholarship applications, tutor one-on-one after school, or assist with events and communications. Visit http://www.breakthroughaustin.org/get-involved/volunteer for more information.

2.  Keep in touch. Join the newsletter list to receive student stories and photos, as well as program updates and invitations to events

3.  Make a financial contribution. Donate at http://www.breakthroughaustin.org/get-involved/donate so Breakthrough can continue to serve 500 students and their families inAustin and Manor.


How it Works

When you buy or sell a home, 25% of Give Realty’s commission is donated to the 501(c)3 nonprofit of the client’s choice. That’s right – YOU choose the recipient. Learn More

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