$1,165.69 Donated to CASA of Travis County on Behalf of Shelli Schilke

Schilke CASA donation

$1,165.69 donated to CASA of Travis County on behalf of Shelli Schilke.

CASA educates and empowers diverse community volunteers who ensure each child’s needs remain a priority in an over-burdened child welfare system. When the state steps in to protect a child’s safety because the people responsible for protecting them have not, a judge appoints a trained CASA volunteer to make independent and informed recommendations and help the judge decide what’s best for the child. Learn more about CASA…

What Your Donation Actually Means for the Nonprofit: CASA

I thought that you might like to know what the donations you make through Give Realty actually mean for the nonprofits that receive them.

Here is what one nonprofit said a donation meant for them:

A recent donation of $4,854.00 was made to CASA of Travis County on behalf of Hugh McGowan and Julie Warner.

Director of Development at CASA, Robin Bradford, stated this donation will provide a CASA advocate for a year to three children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

During that year, the CASA advocate/volunteer will get to know the child, meet with family, foster parents and other key adults, and become an expert on the child’s unique needs. The CASA volunteer will provide detailed written reports to the judge on how the child is doing and speak to the judge in court at quarterly hearings. Within a year’s time, the child’s temporary stay in foster care must end according to the law. By the end of that time, the CASA volunteer has played a key role along the way as the only person focused on that one child (and not a whole case load of children) and is often the most-informed person about where the child should now live.

What a wonderful gift!

We hope to bring you more examples of your donations at work in the future.

$4,854.00 Donated to CASA of Travis County on Behalf of Hugh McGowan and Julie Warner

CASA McGowan Donation (2)

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Travis County believes every child who’s been abused or neglected deserves to have a dedicated advocate speaking up for their best interest in court, at school and in our community. If you are interested in learning more about CASA of Travis County, please check out their website at www.CASATravis.org