Home Improvements on a Budget: Painting

Guest blog by Reflections Remodeling.

Most home improvements start with one simple desire: to see something different. Aside from our workspaces, we spend the majority of our time in our homes and, inevitably, we want to shake things up once in a while. With that in mind, we don’t like to shake things up so much that we lose track of our fiscal responsibilities. So what can a budget conscious homeowner do to put a little sparkle back into a home?

paint_rollerOne of the most effective, least expensive improvements is painting. Applying a new coat of paint to a room instantly transforms it from “walls you see every day” to “walls with something to say!” Aside from picking out paint colors, you have a few other decisions to make. Will this be a whole house repaint, or just one room? Will every wall get a fresh coat, or will a single accent wall be sufficient? Do you want different colors in each room? On each wall of a room? Do you plan on making this a DIY, or should you hire a painter? It seems like a lot, but fear not; let us walk you through the steps.

First, decide whether you’re going to do this yourself. A good question to ask yourself: knowing your schedule and your dedication to finishing the project, will you likely complete it over a weekend? This is a good rule of thumb for any project. Most homeowners tend to consider themselves in over their heads if they aren’t able to finish a remodel in a couple of days. If you plan on undertaking this project yourself, the only real cost is the paint, brushes and rollers, and a weekend dedicated to moving furniture, laying plastic, taping edges and getting yourself a little paint-splattered. If you decide to hire a company, make sure you have the colors picked out and the furniture moved before they’re scheduled to begin. This saves them time, which in turn saves you money. Also, see if they can include the cost of paint in the estimate. Most remodelers or professional painters have accounts with the major paint stores and can use their discount to your benefit.

Next, pick out which rooms are getting the new paint. A common desire is to start by repainting bedrooms, but unless you have a well-used home office in there, the rooms we spend the most time occupying tend to be the living room (or wherever you keep a television) and the kitchen. If you’ve chosen bold colors for your rooms, try painting one wall first, in its entirety. An accent wall can often effectively change the tone of a room without overpowering it. During the estimate with a professional, ask if multiple colors in multiple rooms will cost extra. When painting each room in a house, the least expensive option is to have the contractor buy 5-gallon buckets of one color. If you want different colors in each room, this requires them to purchase 1-gallon buckets, and might raise your estimate.

Last, and most importantly, enjoy the experience! The process of beautifying your home can often be stressful, but visualizing the end result can keep you focused on pressing forward. Have you decided to make this a weekend project? Great! Start with one room and one room only. There are always more weekends for the other rooms. Will a painter fit your needs better? No problem! Nearly every contractor will come out and give you a free estimate. Just make sure you know exactly what you want and that *they* know it too. The finished project will reinvigorate your home, and in turn, reinvigorate you.

Thinking of painting? Reflections Remodeling will be happy to provide a free estimate and quality service.

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